3283 Irish Lane Verona, Winconsin
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About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a USA-based real estate agent. My work is based in Verona, Wisconsin. I have sold over 500+ properties over 5 years and I'll love to help you find your beloved home or office.


I strive to provide the best service for you. My years of experience in real estate has brought me success in bringing the dream homes to my clients. I'll like to do the same for you, too.


Find your dream home in Winconsin, and I'll make it easy for you.


Need an office in Winconsin? No worries, my network of office spaces will give you many locations to choose from.


I pride myself as being professional in all my dealings. I have maintained clean records and I am well respected in my industry.


Expect nothing but personal service from me. I am your agent, and I am also your friend. Getting your dream home/office is my priority.


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